Leggings: A Girl’s Bestfriend and Enemy, so Follow the Rules!

Ok, if you too suffer from small-waist-round-booty syndrome, then you totally get why I LOVE LEGGINGS! They’re comfortable, can be dressed up or down, there’s no “cup” in the back (big booty girls know what I mean), and they’re relatively inexpensive!  Now, while they are a great “fashion-do” (see Beyonce below), there is proof on the streets that some of us ladies  (big and small booties alike) could use a few tips on how they are best worn. Let’s stop the messiness ladies, because we can do better! 

(not sure how I feel about the white stitching, but she looks good!)

Ok, the Rules…

1. $7.99 leggings are not meant for year-round wear. Some of you ‘all just look plain cold and ridiculous wearing summer leggings, in the dead of a northeast winter! A pair of my FAVE winter leggings are from ZARA. The material is warm AND they have a high elastic waistband that helps them fit your curves like a glove! *they’re on sale now for $19.99, originally $39.99*

2. Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT wear thongs or color panties with leggings that you KNOW are a tad see-through. *smh* Where do I begin?!?! It is not fashionable, sexy, nor attractive…ewww!!!

3.  I get it, you can wear black more than once. But, when your black (or other dark-colored)  leggings have stains and random “white” streaks on them, it’s time to throw them in the washer!

4. No, no, no! Leggings should NOT be worn with a waist-length shirt for daytime wear. Whether you have a flat or round bottom, there is no need to show your every curve, ripple, cellulite marking, or camel-toe, to the world! …Tyra, you know better!

5. Finally, when your leggings have runs (especially the cheap ones), holes and OMG  lint balls?!?!  It is soooo time to lay them to rest!!! Let them go, you got your money’s worth!

Alright, now that you know better – do better. You’ve been warned!


This is for you…

You! The little brown girl from the projects/the ‘hood/the wrong side of the train tracks.  This is for you.  The brown girl ::chronicles:: is MY real life account of what happens when Urban America meets Corporate America, how education and exposure have changed my outlook on life, and (truthfully) a bunch of other stuff that’ll probably make you say “Girl, me too!”

I’ll do my best to organize my thoughts into the categories above [career & wealth creation/life, style & culture/soulful(L)] – but sometimes I just have things to say that can’t be put into a box – so please don’t judge me 🙂

Well here goes…